Sandwich bar in Barcelona designed by Alfons Tost
von | Oct 11, 2011

The "Fastvinic" sandwich bar is located at the heart of downtown Barcelona. Here they only serve homemade sandwiches, prepared with local ingredients. The two-storey bar is the brainchild of interior designer Alfons Tost. On the ground floor he has opted for standard industrial shelving which serves to subdivide the space and also offers plenty of space for comfy seating nooks. Suspended cushions serve as upholstery backrests to ensure everyone's sitting comfortably.

All the elements used for the interior are chosen and designed such that they can be removed and recycled as simply as possible. Fastvinic really emphasizes sustainability – from the use of pinewood from controlled forestry, to the lighting, which relies solely on LEDs, even to the product itself, the sandwiches, which are packaged in one-hundred percent compostable material.

The Sanwichbar "FASTVíNIC" in Barcelona, designed by Estudio Alfons Tost Interiorisme | All photos © Alfons Tost