Seamless trends
Nov 15, 2012
“Xetis” is the name of the new seamless shower surface by Kaldewei, photo © Kaldewei

One current trend to be identified in home interiors is the retreat into one’s own four walls. People are once again willing to invest more in design for their homes. This includes spacious living areas fitted with high-quality materials and wellness areas boasting the latest technology, which serve as cozy oases of calm counterbalancing the hectic pace of everyday life.

This trend is also leading us toward a redefinition or fusion of the various functional areas in the home, which in turn requires a rethink in terms of their design. For instance, a combination of the bathroom and living area would make floor-level showers the best choice, by virtue of both their design and functionality. Yet whereas a shower drain may have been an involuntary stumbling block in the past, a revolutionary development from the Kaldewei Design Center in Ahlen, namely the seamless shower surface “Xetis” with integrated wall outlet, now remedies that problem.

It is made of high-grade Kaldewei 3.5 mm steel enamel. The outlet is barely noticeable, embedded in the wall, such that the smooth shower surface itself need not be interrupted by a drain. To aid drainage, “Xetis” features an integrated incline towards the outlet. Furthermore, the shower surface and outlet are easy to clean.

“Xetis” is available in various color shades similar to those of stone floors, which can be chosen to either blend perfectly with their surroundings or set their own aesthetic tone, offering architects a whole plethora of exciting design options.

“Xetis” is the name of the new seamless shower surface by Kaldewei, photo © Kaldewei
The enameled shower surface is available in a range of color shades, which are oriented on those of stone floors, photo © Kaldewei
The outlet for the shower surface “Xetis” is integrated into the wall, photo © Kaldewei
The shower surface features an integrated incline towards the wall, which aids water drainage, photo © Kaldewei
“Xetis” is made of Kaldewei 3.5 mm steel enamel, photo © Kaldewei
The shower surface opens up many new design possibilities for architects, photo © Kaldewei
Kaldewei redefines wetroom solutions