Shadows linking modernity and history
Feb 18, 2014
The modern additions are clearly discernible and further accentuated by solar shading by RMIG. Photo © RMIG

Several owners of Chateaux de Cangé added new wings to the castle, on the outskirts of the French town of Tours. Over the course of 750 years this has spawned a most picturesque ensemble composed of different turrets, oriels and gables. Sadly, a large part of the castle fell victim to a fire in 1978, which destroyed the entire roof truss.

The municipality of St. Avertin acquired the ruins in 1980 and set about restoring the outlying buildings to enable them to serve municipal needs. Subsequently architect Dominique Blondel was commissioned with the transformation of the castle into a library with a media center. He opted for a strategy that would make the modern additions visible, albeit without overly accentuating the new. To this end he chose solar shading systems made of perforated Corten steel panels by RMIG.

It took two years to complete the work on the library and the media center, which together cover a footprint of 1,800 square meters. The foyer and a structure on the roof give a clear demonstration of the changes made to the original structure to accommodate the new use. RMIG’s Corten shading elements prove a perfect accompaniment to the newly renovated sections. Their pre-weathered look-and-feel makes them ideal for historical projects such as this one.

For the solar shading system the architect chose perforated panels, for which he designed an undulating pattern that RMIG cut into material using laser technology. The roof section of the library now boasts a modern cladding solution that provides a striking setting as you let your gaze wander out across the valley of the River Cher.

The modern additions are clearly discernible and further accentuated by solar shading by RMIG. Photo © RMIG
Extensions to the castle were added down through the generations, but it suffered severe damage as a result of a fire in 1978.
Photo © RMIG
The “rusty” aesthetic of Corten steel sets off the sandstone of the old castle. Photo © RMIG
A low structure on the roof accommodates the library and a media center. Photo © RMIG
For the project RMIG produced a total of 130 square meters of perforated panel cladding. Photo © RMIG
Architect Dominique Blondel designed the solar shading panels, which RMIG produced using Corten steel. Photo © RMIG
A technological need culminated in a design element: laser-cut solar shading by RMIG. Photo © RMIG
The historical chateau as seen through the perforated panel cladding by RMIG. Photo © RMIG