Shimmering facade
von | Feb 8, 2011

The facade of the new Fraunhofer Institute in Darmstadt is made of shimmering golden bronze brass bond panels. The skin's surface is interrupted by an irregular grid of square perforations. This gives a refined feel to the building's straightforward shape. The windows are framed by fixed centerpieces made of the same material as the facade. Depending on the changing light, time of day and year, the texture of the surface and the material characteristics of the pre-patinated sandwich elements create different views of the facade.

The combination of sandwich elements and brass panels created a new product, an example for the use of which is being presented with the building in Darmstadt. The Cologne company JSWD and the company KME collaborated closely on the development of the facade sheath.
By way of contrast with the building's outer skin, the interior of the new research center is clear and has a restrained feel to it. The dominant color is white; smooth plastering, glass and bamboo parquet flooring comprise the spectrum of materials used on the inside.

Transfer Center for Adaptive Systems at Fraunhofer LBF, Darmstadt, designed JSWD Architects, Cologne | All photos © Felix Krumbholz, Frankfurt