Showroom in Vienna
von | May 1, 2011

The new Bene is located in the heart of downtown Vienna. The architects at Solid architecture were commissioned with the design of the 1,000 square meter ground-floor showroom and the vertical access to the upper storeys. The brief was for visitors to be able to experience not only the varied world of Bene but at the same time a place that has an identity of its own and is unmistakable in character. The exhibition area on the ground floor runs like a ribbon along the outer façade. The first, and parts of the second upper storey are used as offices.

The wall panels by KVADRAT, handwoven fabrics from the collection Primus and Divina
Alle exterior photos | Photo © Bene AG, Werner Huthmacher
The white terrazzo floor is from the company ARDEX PANDOMO (Terrazzo Plus)
The suspended ceiling is an acustic ceiling panel of expanded glass granules by Sto (Sto Silent Panel)
The new Bene showroom in the Vienna Neutrogasse | Photos of the interior © SOLID architecture, Günter Kresser
The cloud like ceiling light above the bar which extends along the stairs to the 2nd floor is manufactured by Nimbus
Bar made of Corian Glacier (designer) White
The black band facade is made of enameled glass