Slab-format thin concrete
von | Oct 1, 2010

Given its favorable material qualities, "fibreC" fiberglass concrete by Rieder can be used in a particularly large number of different applications. "FibreC" is a fiberglass-reinforced concrete panel and be used for outside facades as well as for indoor purposes. "FibreC" is a thin-walled material with a pleasant feel and natural look, but is nonetheless resilient and at the same time flexible. This makes it suitable for a wide range of practical applications. Apart from classic facade design using large-format "fibreC" panels (1.2 meters by 2.5 meters or 3.6 meters) and interior use it is now also possible to process "fibreC" in the shape of thin concrete slats. The fact that it is absolutely fire-resistant not only makes the new„Slat Wall"-panels a safe alternative to classic wooden panel cladding, it also provides a new method of designing buildings and small structures in a practical, appealing way.

Cladded with the new Slat Wall system, a sustainable and convenient alternative to wooden slat walls. | Alle Fotos © Rieder