Small bright dots
Mar 13, 2010

LED developments tend to follow the trend toward ever more miniature units that deliver ever greater output. You need innovative lighting solutions that enable intensity and temperature to be controlled in order to fully exploit the resulting benefits. The use of LED technologies in Kreon Ceiling Solutions systems offers an opportunity for designers to expand the luminaires' area and thus improve light delivery and evenness.

"Tenno" is precisely such a lighting system, based on a patented lens optics that allows for the use of the strongest SMD LEDs. This lens optics creates a double-focused light beam, which makes it possible to be used in tiles with very small perforations, resulting in high efficiency and perfect glare control.

"Tenno" has an LED controlled by LAPS (lifetime adjusted power supply), and this guarantees maximum service life. Moreover, it operates within a restricted temperature range to ensure optimum performance and thus keep maintenance and operational costs low.

The use of the highly-focused beams in a flexible ceiling system makes it possible to apply controlled zonal light in the space in question. In combination with a building control system, "Tenno" offers designers and architects an ideal tool to realize "green building" concepts.

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All photos © Kreon Ceiling Solutions
All photos © Kreon Ceiling Solutions