Strata of the city - Sergei Tchoban 3/3
Mar 22, 2010

"Space emerges between the almost invisible strata between a universal frame and all the functions installed in it." Sergei Tchoba

The last drawing by Sergei Tchoban that we are presenting in our thematic block on "Invisibility - Out of Sight" is the most intangible and leaves quite a lot of scope for personal interpretations. The drawing in connection with the commentary show at just how many levels space and architecture are influenced. Be it by changing political forces, by the construction zoning plans that set the frame, be it by the power of the past in the form of listed buildings, or by the cultural education of society.

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photo © Strata of the city by Sergei Tchoban
photo © Strata of the city by Sergei Tchoban