Sustainable and proved – hinge systems by Simonswerk
Jan 27, 2015

The picturesque ensemble that goes to make up Schlosshotel Steinburg with its late 19th century turrets and gables resides high above Würzburg, affording a magnificent view out over the Main valley. The hotel has now been extended to include a “refuge”. The owners courageously chose a modern extension with a reduced contemporary formal idiom. Architect Reinhard May designed a flat, cubic building that blends perfectly with the landscape thanks to the wide patio in front of it. The walls made of quarrystone seem massive and reflect the local winemaking traditions, forming a platform for the new build with its brownish red rendering. The conference center is a real eye-catcher on both the inside and outside – thanks to the skillful use of colors and materials.

The building is characterized by a wealth of wood and natural stone, and the careful choice of high-grade materials extends to the smallest of details. May opted for Simonswerk door hinge systems. The 23 hotel rooms that are part of the refuge boast very modern interiors and the use of wood and natural stone melds with the bronze of the hinge systems to form a very homely setting. Simonswerk supplied "Variant VX" hinge systems in the relevant color tone, a detail that at first sight is as good as invisible. But it was more than just aesthetics that prompted the choice of the "Variant VX" hinges, as their resilience and maintenance-free slide bearings are also very important in a hotel. Simonswerk emphasizes that the "Variant VX" hinges are specifically suited for fire or smoke-protection doors, for doors on escape or rescue routes, and for doors subject to extreme wear-and-tear.

A completely concealed hinge system has been used for the events zone. There, the flush-closing door elements have been deployed, something that underscores the reduced elegant look of the new build. Here, too, the choice was "Tectus" hinges, and again not just in light of their great aesthetic properties. The 3D adjustability, easy maintenance and above all an opening angle of a full 180 degrees Grad were all technical benefits that come to bear fully in a hotel. Here, too, the quality is in the details.

"Tectus" is especially suitable for doors with protection against fire, smoke, noise and to prevent break-ins. Photo © Simonswerk

"Variant VX" is suitable for heavy, rebated and unrebated doors. Photo © Simonswerk

Functional and richly varied: "Tectus" is offered in different surfaces, for example polished or with colored plastic coating. Photo © Simonswerk

Thin and filigree are the hinges of „Variant VX" by Simonswerk, with a diameter of 15 millimetres. Photo © Simonswerk

Beautiful and simple architecture details such as doors they close flush with the walls highlight the modern, high-end feel of the “refuge”. Photo © Bernadette Grimmenstein

The new build is defined by wood and natural stone – with high-grade detailing, such as the concealed "Tectus" door hinges by Simonswerk. Photo © Walter Schiesswohl, Eydos

Guests of the Schlosshotel Steinburg have a fantastic view over the vineyard of Würzburg. Photo © Bernadette Grimmenstein