Tailor-made lightness

Light as a feather, but nonetheless stable. As long ago as 9,700 BC nomads used textiles for their shelters to protect themselves from the sun and the wind. Today we rely on high-performance technological textiles for temporary tent structures, pavilions or sun protection in our gardens. C4Sun, a manufacturer based in the town of Hückeswagen in North-Rhine Westphalia, specializes in shading solutions and makes extraordinary shade sails for outdoor facilities. Each piece is hand-made and uniquely tailored to the needs of the client. Thanks to their convex dome structure the sun shade systems create an airy canopy that provides cool shade on hot summer days.

So-called “Clouth®” profiles, hand-made special profiles, ensure that the sail arches up by itself. The advantage: Rainwater drains off directly to the side, gusts of wind are flexibly absorbed. During heavy storms the sophisticated wind pressure reducing system in the mast curbs the forces of the wind. Despite its sophisticated technology the construction nonetheless impresses with a beautiful pared-down aesthetic – nothing detracts from the unique shape of the shade sails. C4Sun has three product lines: “Trapez4sun”, “Square4sun” and “Elips4sun”, all of which are based on a single structural principle and individually adapted to customer needs and local conditions. To ensure perfect solutions the company offers comprehensive consultation and integrated planning, handles the logistics and assumes responsibility for in-situ installation. One of the most innovative products on the market, all C4Sun systems blend effortlessly into modern smart-home solutions.

The sails provide regular shade. Even during a storm the fabric retains its tight stretch. <br/>Photo © C4sun
Own manufactured production: A system against wind pressure is cushioning strong gusts of wind. <br/>Photo © C4sun
Special pre-stressing profiles raise the sun sail and transform the fabric into a dome. Photo © C4sun
Curved middle sections: “Trapez4sun”. Photo © C4sun
Bright organic roofs: The shade sails by C4Sun provide a cool spot on hot summer days. <br/>Photo © C4sun
All made by hand: So-called “Clouth®” stiffeners are inserted into the fabric at set intervals and fixed there. Photo © C4sun