The elegance of glass
von | Oct 9, 2012

Floating wooden stairs harmonize with curving glass panels and stainless-steel handrails. An interplay of warm, cold and transparent materials that Dutch stair manufacturer Eestairs designs for public and private space.

Given that it creates space instead of taking it up, the glass balustrade “Transparancy” suits every environment. Steven Bray, Creative Advisor at EeStairs UK, notes: “Glass is a neutral material and as such harmonizes very well with all other materials. This means we can make wonderful things with it, which lend every building a special quality.”

Being transparent, the balustrades by EeStairs take a backseat and let the wall structure or cladding take center stage. Nonetheless they offer an invisible aid in the event of a sudden slip on the staircase.

EeStairs’ glass balustrade does not take up space, but creates it, photo © EeStairs
Materials in interplay: glass panels with a stainless-steel handrail, photo © EeStairs
Here the balustrade forms a glass cube that reflects the surroundings, photo © EeStairs
Fully adaptable to design needs: customized staircases by EeStairs, photo © EeStairs
A see-through spiral staircase thanks to the glass balustrade by Dutch manufacturer EeStairs, photo © EeStairs
With tinted glass, the balustrade becomes a design element, photo © EeStairs
Also effective on steeper staircases: glass balustrades by EeStairs, photo © EeStairs
Almost invisible, the glass balustrade takes a backseat in terms of design, photo © EeStairs