The invisible window
The windows come with triple-glazed safety glass as the standard; special glass is available upon request. Photo © Solarlux, Constantin Meyer

Solarlux, a company that produces exclusively in Germany, is setting a new benchmark with its innovative sliding window. “CERO – the invisible window” is the latest addition to the Solarlux product range. Thanks to profile widths of just 34 millimeters these windows are as good as invisible when seen from the front. The CERO range includes sliding and fixed elements, freestanding and all-glass corner solutions, different colors and finishes for indoors and outdoors, as well as elements sized up to 4 meters of width and 6 meters of height by a maximal expanse of 15 square meters – offering architects versatile combination possibilities for maximum freedom of design.

The new “invisible window” takes pride of place in the design of a private single-storey residence in Monheim on Rhine in North Rhine-Westphalia – the owners are delighted with the choice. The couple wanted a bright and open-plan sanctuary with minimum barriers for their home after retirement. The architect fulfilled the brief by creating seamless transitions and opting for doors that “disappear” into the wall. Floor-to-ceiling windows fill the rooms with light, lending the interior a spacious look-and-feel. On the garden side, the “CERO” sliding window can be opened as far as 3.60 meters, allowing the living room to meld with the outdoors, a quality that is accentuated by the continuous floor covering. Moreover, thanks to its delicate profiles the “invisible window” does not form a barrier between inside and outside even when closed.

This product not only offers abundant design options, but also comes with cutting-edge technology. In addition to minimum profile widths the “invisible window” offers permanent smooth gliding properties for outstanding convenience, made possible by a special construction: “CERO” has the carriage in the casement, where it is protected from dirt. Meaning that the sliding elements, which can weigh as much as 1000 kilograms, are easy to operate and can be moved into the desired position by a single hand.

The windows come with triple-glazed safety glass as the standard; special glass is available upon request. Photo © Solarlux, Constantin Meyer
Sliding and fixed elements can be flexibly arranged, offering a versatile range of combinations. Photo © Solarlux, <br>Constantin Meyer
Thanks to sophisticated technology the elements can easily be slid by just a single hand – despite being up to 4 x 6 meters in size and weighing 1000 kilograms. Photo © Solarlux, Constantin Meyer
Thanks to subtle profiles and seamless transitions, indoor and outdoor worlds meld to form a single contiguous space. <br>Photo © Solarlux, Constantin Meyer

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