The Kunstgalerie’s tentacles
Dec 10, 2009

The façade of Uetikon's Kunstgalerie is resplendent with huge concrete suction caps that hug the building as if they were the tentacles of a giant octopus. Emulating the shape of the suction pads, the concrete texture of the building's outer skin seems almost vibrant, as if it were breathing. The façade structure is not only aesthetically attractive but the resulting fortress-like character also plays with the building's use: As if in this way to protect the art behind the walls.

These elaborate suction-pod structures were realized using NOEplast brand concrete formwork matrices. For the special case of the Kunstgalerie, the matrices were adjusted to the size of the façade, which is 40m long and just short of 8m high - and were produced as a special series of 4 by 4m per prefabricated section.

Illustration © Sebastian Reuthal, Stylepark
Illustration © Sebastian Reuthal, Stylepark