The secret’s in the coloring
von | 7/13/2012

The floor tiles manufactured by Mydeck are made of a wood-and-flour mixture, which is poured in molten state into tile mold. The tiles can then be cut and sawn just like traditional wooden tiles, but are considerably more durable, resilient to mechanical damage such as could cause rips, chips or cracks or cracking as well as environmental factors like mold or rot – as guaranteed by Mydeck for 25 years. The tiles are laid using a clip system, and so the entire surface remains nail-free.

The “Pure Macao” and “Paint White” varieties are brown and white in their coloring, though no two tiles are completely identical. The chocolate-brown Macao tiles boast a sophisticated play of color, making for a vibrant yet natural surface look.

There is an array of fine, linear hues for the white tiles, reflecting the aesthetics of rough brushstrokes like those on the wooden boards of a jetty. Like their brown counterparts, a special layer applied to the tile helps to preserve their light color, protecting them against dirt and allowing the user to clean them using a hosepipe or high-pressure cleaner. These two new variations were designed by architectural firm Prime Estates based in Königstein, where they also installed the tiles in their new headquarters.

The architects’ new head office is located in the town’s former main post office, following modification and renovation works realized by the firm itself. They transformed the pointed roof into a penthouse, which now serves as an office. The terrace that surrounds the entire story has been fitted with the weather-resistant “Pure Macao” floor tiles, while the entrance area on the ground floor features “Paint White” tiles by Mydeck. For the interior, the architects then chose gray-oiled, oak parquet flooring, which matches the floor-to-ceiling-high entrance door (made using the same materials) and complements the floor tiles used outside extremely well.

The entrance area on the ground floor of the architectural firm Prime Estates’ headquarters in Königstein features “Paint White” tiles by Mydeck, photo © Eberhard Horn | Prime Estates
The transition from interior to exterior: The architects chose gray-oiled, oak parquet for the building’s penthouse and “Pure Macao” floor tiles for the roof terrace, photo © Eberhard Horn | Prime Estates
View from the penthouse’s terrace, photo © Eberhard Horn | Prime Estates
The architects themselves were involved in the design of the “Pure Macao” floor tiles, photo © Eberhard Horn | Prime Estates
On the terrace, the architects chose to install weather-resistant “Pure Macao” floor tiles, photo © Eberhard Horn | Prime Estates
The pointed roof of the former central post office has been transformed into a penthouse, photo © Eberhard Horn | Prime Estates
Like the floor tiles in the penthouse, the entrance door is also made of oak, photo © Eberhard Horn | Prime Estates
The white coloring on Mydeck’s “Paint White” floor tiles varies from piece to piece and is reminiscent of the rough brushstrokes seen on the wooden boards of a jetty, photo © Eberhard Horn | Prime Estates
The floor tiles can be cleaned using a hosepipe or a high-pressure cleaner photo © Eberhard Horn | Prime Estates


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