To non-chipping floorboards
May 7, 2012

Wooden flooring in outside areas has to withstand particular weather conditions such as fluctuations in temperature and damp/wet periods. It works and has to be impregnated. Chips and cracks are generally unavoidable.

So, here's the alternative: There is a composite material consisting of roughly 50 percent wood and 50 percent polyethylene, which imitates the linear pattern of wooden decking and improves its durability. The brand-new high-grade polyethylene coats the wood chips, making the deck especially hardwearing and preventing rotting, chipping (particularly useful for children playing) and cracking (painting and impregnating no longer necessary). Mydeck flooring is solid and so can be used like hardwood. And in terms of sustainability it is not only the guarantee of durability that is exemplary; we also fundamentally use no tropical wood.

Thanks to the special formula, the planks do not warp like conventional decks and this makes laying them noticeably easier.

Hitherto Mydeck flooring was screwed in place from above onto a substructure like conventional decking. Now, owing to great demand for screwless decking, Mydeck has developed a user-friendly deck-laying system by building on a special clip-in version that, with the absence of screws, highlights the linearity of the decks.

The new decking designs have a groove (naturally decks can still be screwed from above if desired) to enable easy, invisible installation. The clips are screwed to the substructure and the planks simply pushed into the clips by hand.

A further advantage of this installation system is that the clips set the distance between the planks. With this novel system this distance no longer has to be measured plank by plank, but is simply predetermined by the brackets. This makes installation easier and thus saves time and money.

Stylized waves - The facade of a building on Sentosa Isalnd, near Singapore | All photos © Mydeck
Stylized waves - The facade of a building on Sentosa Isalnd, near Singapore | All photos © Mydeck
The lightly shimmering deck design creates an animated surface
Mydeck planks are particularly suitable in this context as they do not splinter which means no risk for playing children
For the outer play areas at KITA in Bad Homburg, Germany the planks of Mydeck are used as well
The design decking was the perfect choice for the sustainable and child-friendly daycare center designed by architecture studio SDKS as a passive building.”
Illustration of Mydeck-Clipsystem