Tor zur Welt

The IBA international building exhibition in Hamburg came firmly under the sign of sustainable buildings that used little or no CO2 and spared resources. The “Tor zur Welt” school center designed by bof-Architekten was consistent with this approach. It brings together a primary school, a high school and a school for pupils with logopedic difficulties at a single location, and houses a variety of functions in its seven buildings. Almost all the buildings in this complex ensemble fulfill the passivhausstandard – roof-top photovoltaic or solar-thermal units are part and parcel of this. Sustainability was emphasized when selecting the construction materials, too. Thus, the Cradle to Cradle-certified Troldtekt acoustic panels were used.

A glazed ground-floor area connects four new builds, contains the general and public rooms, and then forks out as the “Street of Learning” to the different years’ classrooms. Each building has its own special character and this is born out by the color. The colors are also used in the stairwells not to mention in the corridor sections on the upper floor that are designated play areas. The windows boast triple heat/solar protection and thanks to their colored frames playfully disturb the uniform wooden facade. The ecological concept is buttressed by the use of Troldtekt acoustic panels which are made of 100 percent natural materials; wood from responsible forests and cement from the Danish company Aalborg Portland, which is subject to strict Danish environmental regulations. And it was not just the manufacturing method that determined the choice of acoustic panels, but also the prime fire protection certification of Troldtekt A2 panels. After all, a school building must be an exceptionally safe and secure place.

"Tor zur Welt" - is the name of the school complex built as part of the IBA Hamburg. A shared round-floor zone links the various class-room wings. Photo: © Troldtekt
"Tor zur Welt" - is the name of the school complex built as part of the IBA Hamburg. A shared round-floor zone links the various class-room wings. Photo: © Troldtekt
In the school’s labs, it is key to use acoustic panels that provide outstanding fire protection – Troldtekt’s A2 panels are an ideal choice. Photo: © Troldtekt
According the ecological concept, the windows boast triple heat/solar protection. </br>Photo: © Troldtekt
Noise prevention was also important in the school’s outdoor areas. Photo: © Troldtekt
A “Street of Learning” leads to the individual class rooms, but has been expanded to include play areas, whereby each is in a characteristic and radiant color of its own. Photo: © Troldtekt
Troldtekt acoustic panels have been used in the corridors, class rooms and special-purpose rooms. Photo: © Troldtekt
When selecting the construction materials, one criterion was their sustainable production – here you see Troldtekt chemicals-free acoustic panels. Photo: © Troldtekt

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