Tranquil open space for the Kirschgalerien
von | Sep 7, 2015

To be honest having a balcony is great but in this part of the world we can only enjoy that little square of open air attached to our apartments for perhaps at most four or five months of the year. During the rest of the time it is often too cold, too wet or too windy. That said, the above doesn’t apply to the balconies in a residential complex erected by BHB GmbH Bayern which goes by the appealing name of “Kirschgalerien”. Here, on those cooler days, its balconies and loggias can be transformed into sanctuaries with a view – thanks to the ingenious balcony glazing by Solarlux.

For the properties in question, Solarlux provided two possible solutions – the loggias, which are only 50 centimeters deep, were fitted with “SL 20” a sliding system consisting of four glass leaves that glide noiselessly along a stainless steel track. For the balconies, the choice fell on a sliding/tilting door from the “SL 25” range. The latter’s fold-away glass elements can be moved to the right or the left by means of a pulley system, making it no problem to concertina them out of the way up against the wall in a compact “package”. Depending on requirements, the glazing can be closed either partly or entirely – whatever the users want, or depending on the weather. Prolonging the usage of this small chunk of open air is not the only benefit of the glazing – it also considerably improves noise protection. After all, although the Kirschgalerien development is adjacent to the Weichselgarten woods and is close to the Fürstenrieder Wald forest, it is also on Sauerbruchstrasse, a busy street that sees heavy traffic. And the level of noise protection that Solarlux affords lets residents enjoy in peace and quiet the charming green surroundings that Munich has to offer.

The right solution for any view: The glazed balustrades by Solarlux were used both for the balconies with their red edges and for the recessed loggias. Photo © Solarlux
Leisure hours on the balcony, even on those cooler days: The “SL 25” sliding/tilting glazing protects residents not only from the wind and rain, but also from noise of the street. Photo © Solarlux
An eye-catcher that heads for the heavens: The Kirschgalerien housing development in Munich with its bright red noise-protection core. Photo © Solarlux
Works on corners, too: The “SL 25” sliding/tilting glazing by Solarlux cuts noise levels by 21 decibels.
Photo © Solarlux
Uniform façade design: This refined glazing system is a real visual understatement and does not curtail the natural incidence of light, even when closed photo © Solarlux