Turn down the volume! Acoustic panels made of perforated sheets
von | Sep 20, 2011

Noise is one of the main stress factors in modern life. Be it in the street, in the city, in the office, and regardless of whether it's produced by people or machines – noise has become truly ubiquitous. That said there are structural solutions available that are just perfect for those among us with sensitive ears. Especially open-plan offices nowadays have quiet zones, many of them featuring as a standard sound-absorbing walls or acoustic ceilings. Servers and large printers disappear into custom-made cabinets or designated rooms. While in the public domain we may perhaps no longer have to contend with car noise in the future. In any case, there are plenty of trailblazing low-noise models on display at this year's IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt. Mind you, would it not feel somewhat spooky if we saw a convoy of four cars driving past just three meters away – but did not hear them?

Incidentally, when speaking of cars and noise, the sound absorber in a combustion engine's exhaust system works essentially in the same way as the sound absorbing modules from RMIG. The company produces acoustic panels made of perforated sheet that are intended for use in open-plan offices, but function just as perfectly as decorative wall ornaments in private homes. The perforated panels, some of which are stand-alone units, serve as supports for the acoustic mineral wool inside. Sound waves penetrate the medium through the holes and are converted into heat.

"WALL" - Acoustic cassette modules made ​​of perforated sheet by RMIG | All photos and graphics © RMIG