Twenty panels to free up space
The new building by AV1-Architekten houses rooms for art and music education, linked through a large event hall. <br>Photo © Solarlux

A new school building for art and music in Lörrach is the result of a competition aimed at linking three schools by means of an annex building in order to create a single campus. The architects at AV1-Architekten from Kaiserslautern won the bid and designed a compact structure with two towers, each of which houses one of the respective subject areas. A seemingly closed-off section accommodates the music rooms, while the studios for art lessons in the opposite tower were conceived to allow plenty of natural light into the atelier-type rooms. The two areas are linked by an event hall spanning 200 square meters, which connects to the outside thanks to flexible glazing by Solarlux.

Green cladding encases the newly constructed building, playfully incorporating the different transparencies of the individual tracts. Closed and semi-transparent surfaces alternate and form a contrast to the event hall’s generous glazed front featuring the folding glass wall SL 82 by Solarlux. It stretches across the considerable length of almost 16 meters and can be opened in its entirety without the need for supports. The folding glass front installation consists of five panel packages; each of the elements is 0.77 meters wide and 3 meters high and can be opened in any position desired. Stepped edge glass units with blind frames lend the installation its appealing all-glazed look. 6mm safety glass was used for the school building internally and externally, which is in compliance with requirements for heat insulating glazing. Which amounts to quite a few requirements at once: “No other supplier was able to provide this kind of planning freedom for this width,” said the architects, pleased about their achievements. After all, in the reduced form language of the newly built Campus Rosenfels it’s all about the details that make up the quality of the architecture.

The new building by AV1-Architekten houses rooms for art and music education, linked through a large event hall. <br>Photo © Solarlux
Diverse possibilities for use and varieties of opening the glass panels make the event hall fit for all weather conditions. <br>Photo © Solarlux
The close to 16 meter-long front can be opened up fully thanks to the folding glass wall by Solarlux Photo © Solarlux
In good weather, the multi-purpose hall can be opened up and turned into an exterior space, allowing light, air and sunshine into the event space that has many different uses. Photo © Solarlux
The SL 82 folding glass wall in the multi-purpose hall is a custom-made, flexible glazing solution and can be opened and closed as desired in just a few simple steps. Photo © Solarlux