von | Oct 26, 2012

3M™ DI-NOC™ films are adhesive foils made of several layers of polyvinyl chloride. They are flexible as they adjust even to rounded areas and molded surfaces. There are no visible cuts or overlaps when laid in place such as would occur with natural materials, e.g., wood paneling. Moreover, the adhesive film weighs very little, a real advantage for interior designs for elevators or trains, for example.

US manufacturer 3M™ offers a wide range of different designs and decors to meet as good as any wish, be it in corporate architecture, in the hospitality industry, in retailing outlets, exhibitions or public spaces.

3M’s Architectural Markets Department is constantly dreaming up new 2S and 3D applications for the self-adhesive films, collaborating with designers, architects and planning offices the world over.

A key component of the films is the Comply™ adhesive technology, which enables the films to be laid without any bubbles or folds arising, even if they have to be repositioned several times. This certainly simplifies designing and redesigning walls, entrances, false ceilings, and furniture – even during working hours in shops, restaurants or other establishments.

3M™ DI-NOC™ films can be put in place swiftly and easily, and they’re easy to keep clean. The 3M™ DI-NOC™ solutions for surface designs can give rooms or surfaces a completely new look – and there’s a great range of different versions to choose from for maximum effect.

Be it a living room, the façade of a building, a trade-fair booth or parts of vehicle – they can all be given a new look with DI-NOC™ self-adhesive films, photo © 3M™
Motif from the DI-NOC™ Weave series, photo © 3M™
Bubble-free and absolutely smooth positioning thanks to Comply™ adhesive technology, photo © 3M™
Molding phase for the DI-NOC™ Metallic me film, photo © 3M™
The multi-layer polyvinyl chloride self-adhesive films from 3M™ can also be repositioned when put in place, photo © 3M™
Redesigns become simple with the self-adhesive DI-NOC™ films by 3M™ - they come in 500 different designs, photo © 3M™
The different patterns resemble natural or technical textures, motif from the DI-NOC™ Fine Wood series, photo © 3M™
The self-adhesive DI-NOC™ films are heated to adjust them, photo © 3M™
With DI-NOC™ films you get no visible seams or overlaps as you would with real wood paneling, photo © 3M™
The DI-NOC™ Carbon film in a 3D application, photo © 3M™