Villa in Belgium by Mark van Acker
von | Oct 21, 2011

Architect Mark van Acker has designed a residential property In the middle of woodlands in Loppem, Belgium. Those rooms in the L-shaped building that fulfill functions other than living are aligned as far as possible to the south and west. On the inside of the L, the residence opens out completely onto the garden. The architect chose large glass surface to keep the ground floor as transparent as possible on that side. On the outer side of the L-shape, a massive wall provides protection against noise from the roads nearby.

Used in combination, the large thermally insulated sliding windows, façade and roof system created by the Reynaers company make certain the house enjoys much daylight. Given the double-butt strips in the frame, the Uf values (thermal transmittance values) achieved are as much as 1.2 W/m2Keingezogenen. Other structural measures mean that in connection with the thermally insulated glass facades, the overall concept is highly energy efficient.

Villa Van Acker, Sissau. Design by Mark Van Acker, Loppem, Belgium | All photos © project development Wilhelm & Co