Waterproof cap – a residence in Tübingen by the architects Nagel, Theissen and Martenson
von | Jul 2, 2011

This residence for a family of six in Tübingen is located on a south-facing slope with a view of the town and Tübingen Castle. The architects Nagel, Theissen and Martenson designed the passive house. It is made of solid wood. Ex factory, Finnforest inserted grooves in the prefabricated elements for the carpentry and joining work, and drilling holes and milling for the electrical installations.

So as to afford protection from the wind and weather, the upper storey and attic of the house are cloaked in a strip-form sou'wester (waterproof headgear for sailors). On the outer "seams" along the edge of the building the roof foil is bunched together in ridges and welded, so as to raise it from the water level. This interpretation of the ridged tile accentuates the cubage of the foil-covered insulated roof. A drip plate on the eaves drains away the rain falling on the roof, like the brim of a hat.

Windows Raico Therm+ by Raico Bautechnik
Sliding window Alu2Wood by Optiwin
The required heating for the passive house standard, is supplied by compact heat-ventilation-devices "aerosmart xls" by Drexel und Weiss
House JustK in Tübingen, Germany | All photos © Brigida Gonzales
Facade covering: Rhepanol hg, FDT, FlachdachTechnologie
Internal Wall covering made of "Leno CLT-modules" by Finnforest
Daylight comes from above as well - Fakro FTT, Fakro roof window