Window overlooking the lake
Jun 17, 2010

Why not sit down, look around and enjoy the luxury of letting your gaze wander in the distance. Be it in the city or in a house overlooking a lake, there are countless beautiful and sophisticated opportunities for creating a magnificent setting for your inside-to-outside view.

Under the "SwissFineLine" brand, Swiss company Berger Metallbau designs exclusive residential homes with almost seamless transitions from indoor to outdoor. The range of sliding windows has won several design awards and perfectly melds with the building's architecture, as is impressively portrayed by this private residential home overlooking a lake and mountains.

The living areas on the ground and upper floor are mostly lined with long, floor-to-ceiling glazed windows which, thanks to their fine-line window frames, take in the breathtaking backdrop of the sea landscape from nearly every location in the house. The rich deep-brown timber flooring forms a beautiful contrast to the bright, spacious premises that are discreetly and invitingly furnished. A house that truly invites you to let your gaze wander.

All photos © Berger swissFineLine Filigranverglasung TH+, Version 6
All photos © Berger swissFineLine Filigranverglasung TH+, Version 6