With our best wishes!

Wishes are one a penny, but getting the gift right is an art in itself. After all, the givers are gifting themselves something. When you start pondering the gift, and set out to find the fitting present for your loved one, you are surely already imagining the joy you will bring to his or her heart. “Will what I’ve chosen be liked? Will it bring a smile to his face, cause her eyes to light up?

In-between the endless end-of-year meetings, raking up the leaves, rubbing shoulders with the masses at Christmas parties, and baking, the Stylepark teams in Frankfurt and Munich again put their heads together this year and wondered what others could be given, what others wished for, and of course what they themselves… Be it down-to-earth or the idea that counts, handmade or mass-purchased, there’s the right gift for each and everyone. Here are our very personal recommendations.

Adeline Seidel: “Oculus Rift” Virtual Reality headset

Matrix! Tron! Star Trek! Virtual realities go with sci-fi movies the way gin does with tonic. And who hasn’t wanted to duke it out with an alien on a holodeck or fly through Manhattan like Superman, wander round built or not-yet-built environments or hang out on an imaginary beach at lunchtime? “Oculus Rift” is pretty close to the real thing – a gift not just for passionate game pros. And if the researchers at “Be Another Lab” get their way, you can use the headset to experience life from someone else’s perspective. Which is pretty much like Benjamin Stein’s novel “Replay”, which is itself a great gift.
Alison Wade: “Olaf” rucksack scooter

Praised with “hybrid awesomeness” as its USP, “Olaf” is definitely an even more impressive version of the chromed scooter. Add a hipster beard and off you go on your business trip!
Anja Nölke: “Schönetagebox”

Cards to jot down your own special moments for your personal set that you can then browse through and enjoy again and again years later. And an historical event for each day into the bargain.
Barbara Wildung: “Briefbag” by dothebag

Isn’t it simply ravishing, “Briefbag” by dothebag, a Frankfurt label known for its plain, functional and incredibly durable bags? The black bag sized “Large” is damn elegant into the bargain, and therefore my favorite. So who’s giving me one?!
Daniel von Bernstorff: “Der Glückliche schlägt keine Hunde”

I’m giving people the marvelously personal book by Stefan Lukschy “Der Glückliche schlägt keine Hunde” which tells the tale of his many encounters with the great Loriot. Because life without Loriot is possible, but senseless.
Katerina Sarafianou: “Temporary Gold Tattoos”

These golden tattoos last for about a week and look super-sweet and super-sexy on your tanned skin on your next beach holiday
Kathrin di Paola: personalized great weather

Back in 1954, at the Institute for Meteorology at the Free University in Berlin then student and later TV weather lady Karla Wege suggested giving the high-pressure and low-pressure areas in Central Europe first names. At some point the Berliners started selling weather patronages. Each weather patron gets a title deed with a personal biography, baptism certificate for the first day of the pressure zone, and a Berlin weather map.
Magnus zu Wied: “85 lamps” by Droog

Because 85 bulbs light up in your head at once without dazzling you.
Mahoni Buchelt: “Food Huggers” by Michelle Ivankovic & Adrienne McNicholas

Because it’s stylish and useful! Those small gadgets look after the fresh fruit and fresh veggies that would otherwise land in the garbage – a great idea at Christmas!
Martina Metzner: “Juuri” container by Sarah Böttger for Menu

This year ten in a row: I’m bringing joy to my friends in the form of the “Juuri” glass containers by Sarah Böttger for Menu. A perfect and clear alternative to the brash world of Tupperwhat’sit.
Michael Köster: a bottle of “Belvedere Vodka”

Because you best endure a family get-together with good spirits – in your blood.
Nadine Scheffing: “Hudora” trampoline for kids

We’re giving our daughter all-year-round fun in the form of a trampoline. And since it’s so cold and dark out now, we thought about how to keep our child busy physically. Because “joy and a smile are the summer of life,” as German poet Johann Paul Friedrich Richter once said.
Natalia Alexiou: “Game of Thrones” DVDs

Exciting, and you never know what’ll happen next – one of the best series out to my mind. “Winter is coming”, as it sadly does each year, so time to bunker down and enjoy.
Peng Hsanyin: “Stair-Rover”

I want to give this longboard specially for stairs developed my friends so that you can surf barrier-free round town.
Robert Volhard: “Tibey” carpet by Mischioff

I’m giving a “Tibey” by Mischioff as a present because it is as soft as a flying carpet.
Sara Mortarino: Designer products from Bergamo

My gift idea for Christmas comes from friends in my hometown of Bergamo, who make furniture and small designer products and market them under the Vontree label. Because they bring good cheer and because I’m also 100-percent “made in Bergamo”.
Sara Bertsche: “Holga 120N” analog film camera

I’m giving a “Holga 120N” as a gift because photographing with an analog camera sometimes is so much more fun in the midst of the flood of digital images that overcomes us each day.
Stephanie Murr: “Diana” by Konstantin Grcic for Classicon

Because if A, then obviously B.
Thomas Wagner: “Danke Onkel!” by Peter Sauerer
Damn, so much in the world is off-kilter! Which is why I wish everybody that they stand tall, show determination, because then maybe not everything but much will be for the better. What counts is being grounded and balanced so that you can at long last stand calmly on your head. Anyone who can’t remember the desired state of balance should use Peter Sauerer’s sculpture “Danke Onkel!” to jog their memory: If you consider the uncle and nephew then you’ll soon remember what counts in life: Staying standing tall and show some spine and then... hey, you know….