Wood façade system
Feb 1, 2011

The "Kerto Concept" by Finnforest Merk is a wood façade construction system. It is based on Kerto-S, a veneer laminate with a relatively low dead weight and yet a high load-bearing capacity, which is used as a mullion or transom in the modular system. Placed together, pieces of "Kerto-Q" can be used as panel-shaped wooden paneling for outdoor cladding. Depending on the requirements, for indoor use "Kerto Concept" can be refined and protected with environmentally sound varnishes. To cater for different wishes as regards the building's appearance, the outside of the façade can be rounded out with aluminum or wood cover strips. The wood profiles receive a transparent permanent finish together with a glazing paint foundation. This finish emphasizes the features of the natural wood and protect the profiles.

Finnforest Merk considers itself as a provider of systems and delivers the façade components in combination with glazing systems by various manufacturers, pre-assembled or as part of the delivery. The system includes all the requisite components for the façade profile.

"Kerto Concept " by Finnforest | Graphics © Finnforest / Stylepark
"Kerto Concept " by Finnforest | Graphics © Finnforest / Stylepark
Details of "Kerto Concept" at the BAU 2011 in Munich | Photos © Stylepark