Yellow, pointed and reflecting
von | Jan 19, 2011

The Riverbank House in London was planned by the London-based studio David Walker Architects. The newly developed office building, which is located directly on the banks of the Thames, has taken the place of a structure built in the 1960s that used to occupy the same spot.

The glass-aluminum façade construction and the balconies were realized by the Josef Gartner company, based in Gundelfingen. The double façade with back ventilation spans a total of 8,500 square meters and is equipped with movable sun protection systems, ensuring a pleasant ambient atmosphere inside. For the interior insulation glazing, the architects used "GEWE-therm" heat protection glass by Schollglas. The exterior baffle plate of the façade was realized using "GEWE-safe" laminated safety glass. This combination adds to the high user comfort of the casement windows all year round and, at the same time, meets the high safety requirements.

On the interior side, the façade profiles feature natural tones, while it is anodized in black on the outside. By contrast, the visible yellow under-side of the projecting balconies provides strong color highlights. To guarantee a high residual load-bearing capacity in event of a breakage of glass, "GEWE-safe" laminated safety glass was used as to form a "structural glazing" structure for the overhead cladding of the balconies. Joined together smoothly and without visible connectors, during good weather the colored surface of the balconies pointing towards the riverside reflects the water of the Thames right the way up to the upper stories.

Riverbank House of David Walker Architects in London | All photos © Schollglas