Zippy stitch

„Alvar“ von Giuseppe Viganò für Bonaldo

Apr 5, 2016
Photo © Bonaldo

Auch große Betten müssen keineswegs langweilig wirken.

Large beds with powerful, upholstered headrests are long since part of the repertoire of every interior designer. “Alvar”, which Giuseppe Viganò designed for Bonaldo, certainly dispels boredom in any bedroom by combining various materials and colors with differing forms of stitching. The admixture of blocked striped with a stitch that is nostalgic in tone seems surprisingly fresh – the stitching is somehow reminiscent of kapok or horsehair mattresses from days of yore.

And for those of you wanting something different, “Alvar” is immensely versatile when it comes to personalized designs. The upholstered module for the headrest, bed surrounds and foot are available in different shapes and versions, and can be combined at will. The stitching for the upholstery can likewise be personalized, as can the completely detachable covers – and of course the color. In this way, up to eight different fabrics or types of leather can be selected and combined. Moreover, the bed boasts a bedside table that can be integrated into it and comes in two different sizes. If you chose the single-bed version, then “Alvar” provides you with a practical sofa-bed. (tw)