Nook stool

Product description

The look of the NOOK stool recalls a piece of oversized, elaborately folded origami. Designer Patrick Frey has combined the straight lines of the folded edges and the octagonal seat with soft and symmetrically arranged curves that form the stool’s base. T

he result is a delightfully unconventional piece of seating furniture. VIAL and Patrick Frey received the iF product design award 2010, the iF material award 2010 and the Good Design Award 2010 for NOOK.

NOOK is made from the innovative VarioLine®

material. VarioLine® is a sheet plastic material that is both stiff and flexible. These special characteristics are created using a high-tech injection moulding process to produce a closed-cell, foam core enclosed between two highly compressed, non-porou

s surface layers. VarioLine® is also weatherproof and UV-resistant.

Convivial, flexible and weatherproof: NOOK is the first product in an exciting VIAL collection that promotes casual, lively conviviality – both indoors and out.


tures 7-10: Photo Constantin Meyer, Cologne

Height440 mm
Diameter365 mm
Weight550 kg
Backrest finishwithout back padding
Armrest finishwithout armrests
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