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Normann Copenhagen launches Blueclay, designed by Claydies. The decoration is new, the technology ancient and the result a sturdy and unique ceramic dish. Each dish is hand thrown in Denmark, and with its colourful decoration, Blueclay is a modern example of a classical and typical Nordic ceramic dish, which is ideal for both baking and decoration. Claydies were inspired by ideal pottery art. The thought behind Blueclay was to use original decoration techniques, materials and design, as well as turning back to something original when making food from scratch. The dishes are decorated in wet layers with coloured glazing, using a special technique in which the colours are mixed together in a marble-like decoration that resembles the patterns that occur when you mix ingredients when cooking. Claydies explains: "We have worked with local materials and Danish ceramics production for many years. We think that it is important to preserve the unique techniques, art and handicrafts in the ceramic profession, and create greater awareness of materials and what we surround ourselves with. London clay has been used for ceramics in Denmark for generations, and was a natural choice for a dish that wakes thoughts of country cooking and farmhouse kitchens." Blueclay is hand-thrown in three sizes by a Danish pottery. That is why no two dishes are identical - fortunately.

Diameter150 mm / 250 mm / 350 mm
shades of grey
shades of yellow
shades of brown
shades of blue

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark


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