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Product description

The Danish designer Simon Legald has created a mill for Normann Copenhagen where excellent quality and exclusive natural materials go hand in hand. The Craft Mills have a classic look with a simple flared shape and a weight that makes them comfortable to hold.

Inside Craft is a ceramic CrushGrind® grinder. This is one of the leading brands on the market used for mills. CrushGrind® has been tested to grind salt and pepper for an equivalent of up to 200 years use in a normal household without showing any notable wear. A long-lasting body of solid oak and a sturdy knob made of marble make Craft suitable for frequent everyday use.

Simon Legald says: ”I went for a classic look for Craft but at the same time chose to use oak and marble which is not often used for salt and pepper mills. The marble has also been used to indicate salt and pepper. I like the idea of working with the recognisable but then adding a new look.”

The Craft Mills are sold separately and look beautiful in the kitchen as well as being a decorative addition to the dining table. The black and white marble knobs elegantly underline the simple function of the mills.

Height180 mm / 270 mm
Diameter67 mm / 75 mm

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Simon Legald