Drop bowl

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Product description

The inspiration is a drop of water making perfectly round ripples in the water. Rikke Hagen has created the Drop series for design lovers and for those who like simple, Scandinavian style. The series is made up of two dishes and a bowl. In Drop there is a small variation, which makes the expression complete. The dishes and the bowl are mouth blown and reveal quality workmanship, where aesthetics are as important as function. The style is clean, the expression simple. Rikke Hagen explains: "In my work, I swing between the sculptural and the functional. My style is simple and clean, and really very Nordic. It is the small variations that make the difference. Drop was designed due to a fascination for the dominant pattern that is created in water when a drop falls into it - a simple ripple, which makes a simple design".

Diameter180 mm
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Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Rikke Hagen