Egg cup

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Product description

Egg is an eggcup with a simple and clean look and has been designed by Mikal Harrsen. Egg is available in several vibrant colours and is a decorative way in which to serve eggs. In designing Egg, Mikal Harrsen has focused on function and application and derived his inspiration from a scaled-up egg. Using the natural shape of the egg as an eggcup was an obvious idea to Mikal Harrsen. Mikal Harrsen says, "As a designer I am rational in my designs. I strive to pare down all unnecessary decoration so that the object of simple design becomes the governing factor. For me it was obvious that the natural shape of the egg should be used for an eggcup".
Egg is available in several colours and is a decorative accompaniment to the dining table or the kitchen. It is also ideal for serving in restaurants and hotels, for buffets or room service.

Height72 mm
Diameter60 mm
shades of violet
shades of blue

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Rikke Hagen