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Product description

Marie Thurnauer has designed a simple wall mirror with an unusual angle and a light and playful expression for Normann Copenhagen. The way the mirror slopes outwardly from the wall takes the viewer by surprise and gives it an extra and unexpected dimension.
Fold is attached to the wall by the accompanying sliding mounting bracket and can be hung at both horizontal and vertical angles. The fixtures are completely hidden once the mirror has been mounted and the simple, angular shape and thin profile makes the mirror reminiscent of a folded piece of cardboard.

Marie Thurnauer found her inspiration for Fold at a visit to Salvador Dali’s house at Port Lligat in Spain, where she saw a mirror that distorted her reflection. This gave rise to her designing a mirror that played with the reflected image and gave the viewer an alternative experience without compromising the function of the mirror. Marie Thurnauer says: ”I love to be surprised. People are used to predicting the image they are met with when looking into a mirror hanging flux with the wall but when one alters the angle, and the mirror is allowed to tilt out from the wall instead, the image becomes totally different to what a persons naturally expects and this is a surprise.”

Fold is available in three different sizes in a matt black and simple, Scandinavian white.

Width280 mm / 320 mm / 328 mm
Height150 mm / 260 mm / 500 mm
Depth50 mm / 70 mm / 80 mm
Materialmirror glass

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Marie Thurnauer

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