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Product description

Designer Britt Bonnesen has created a comfortable cushion with a simple, inviting feel and soft round corners for Normann Copenhagen. Frame is made up of two different fabrics consisting of exquisite wool qualities. The pieces of fabric have been cut to follow the outline of the cushion and discreetly underline its rounded contour. An important feature of Britt Bonnesen's designs is the interaction between various colors and textures and Frame is no exception to this kind of composition. The pattern on the cushion is created very simply by two pieces of fabric, each with its own shape and structure. One piece has the same basic shape as the cushion itself, while the other consists of a heather frame running along the edge of the cushion.

Britt Bonnesen says: ”The design process for the Frame was very intuitive. I sat down one evening and began to make sketches for the cushion and played around with the rounding on the corners until I found a radius that I was pleased with. Once this was in place, the idea for the rest of the design came quickly, and it seemed almost obvious to take the shape of the cushion further into the pattern. This gave the Frame the exact feel that I was looking for: Soft, minimalistic and subdued.” Frame is decorative by itself as well as in combination with other cushions. The cushion is available in two sizes and a total of 11 different color combinations.

The fabric on each cushion has the same basic shade which helps to accentuate the subdued feel of Frame.

Length500 mm / 600 mm
Width500 mm / 400 mm
shades of yellow
shades of orange
shades of red
shades of violet
shades of green
shades of grey
shades of brown
shades of beige

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Britt Bonnesen