Jensen Bowl

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Product description

The Jensen Bowl is a usable and beautiful bowl that calls attention to the quality in the ordinary. It is an extraordinarily ordinary bowl that combines both the preparation and serving of food. It has a simple and accessible round shape with no sharp edges. Its characteristic spout accommodates easy flowing fluid as well as more viscous substances and adds a distinctive expression that makes the Jensen Bowl unique. On the bottom of the bowl, there is a non-slip rubber ring that prevents the bowl from slipping on the table when you use it. The Jensen Bowl is light and handy and is useful in many situations. The bowls come in three different sizes. Use the small bowl for serving dips and dressings, and the medium and large bowls for mixing batter or serving salads, for example. The bowls are available in six vibrant colors making them as decorative as they are practical. The bowls are supplied as a set containing three bowls, one in each size in a blue/pink or brown/purple color scheme.

Length150 mm / 205 mm / 270 mm
Width60 mm / 80 mm / 107 mm

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Ole Jensen

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