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Simplicity and balance is the essence of the Krenit series. More than 50 years after Herbert Krenchel, materials investigator and civil engineer designed the Krenit salad bowl and serving set, the minimalist design is now launched by Normann Copenhagen. The salad set went into production in 1953, but it is the first time that the salad bowl is produced in melamine. The Krenit salad bowl is inspired by the simple form language of the East, and the long pointed handles of the salad set reflect the traditional chopsticks. With a simple and clean expression, the Krenit series is a modern classic that lets function and aesthetics play perfectly together. Herbert Krenchel says: "An article for everyday use must contain several aspects that play together and create the general impression. It is obvious that a salad bowl has its function, but I wanted to create a bowl which was so pretty that it could be placed in the sitting room as well. I am enthusiastic about forms and love materials. The structure of the surface is important because it makes the bowl attractive and inviting, and you feel like touching it. Krenit melamine has no decoration, and the black and white colourings together create a stress field." With its slowly decreasing rounding and simple expression, the Krenit bowl is an example of a true classic. With a salad set that lies perfectly in the bowl and where the round head makes it easy to scoop up the dressing, Normann Copenhagen is proud to present Herbert Krenchel's classic design.

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