Product description

Create light, warmth and enjoyment when darkness falls. The designer duo HolmbäckNordentoft has created an iconic lantern for candles, based on the silhouette of the archetypical Nordic house, and added colour, style and humour to the familiar and popular product. LightHouse wishes you welcome like an illuminated landmark in the night.

Since 2008, Sebastian Holmbäck and Ulrik Nordentoft have had their studio in an old fisherman's cottage in Espergærde. LightHouse is the result of playing with various sketches and pictograms of archetypical houses. HolmbäckNordentoft created a very plain design, in which a candle spreads its light from behind large glass surfaces. When darkness falls, LightHouse remains as a lighted silhouette.

HolmbäckNordentoft tell us: "The inspiration behind LightHouse results from a typical Danish urban street, where lanterns create light and comfort. Most lanterns are designed in Asia, but we based this one on our own reference framework and the Nordic design tradition, in which plain lines dominate. We kept both function and aesthetics in mind, and made LightHouse into a miniature version of a real house".

LightHouse's iconic design makes the expression both modern and classic. Wish your visitors a welcome with one or more LightHouse's in pink, lime, turquoise, white and black.

Length240 mm
Width245 mm
Height437 mm
shades of red
shades of blue
shades of green

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark


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