Product description

Nocto is a minimalistic candlestick with a modern design and a strong visual expression. The Swedish designer, Pontus Ny, has reinterpreted the classic chamber candlestick and stripped the design to the bone. In this way, he was able to focus on the relationship between the candlestick and the candle itself.

Candlelight's ability to add ambience to its surroundings fascinated Pontus Ny and formed the basis for the design of Nocto. Just like the classical chamber candlestick, Nocto has a handle that makes it easy to move, and its name also refers to the chamber candlestick's original function - to provide light at night.

Pontus Ny explains: "Candlelight has a special kind of timeless energy and aura that I find very inspiring. I wanted to highlight that in this candlestick. It was important for me to give the design time to rest for a period to be sure that such elements as proportions, angles and radii were exactly as they should be to give the proper effect."

Nocto is available in discreet white and black, bright green and blue, and inviting pink and mint. Nocto is intended for a single candle and works well both individually and in groups of several candlesticks. With six exciting colours to choose from it is hard not to want to start a collection.

Length120 mm
Height60 mm
Depth102 mm
shades of red
shades of blue
shades of green

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Pontus Ny

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