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Product description

Normann Copenhagen released the Norm 69 lamp in 2002, and it ended up becoming a design icon throughout the whole world. The lamp also marked the start of the age-long collaboration with designer Simon Karkov. Now, more than a decade later, another sculptural lamp oozing with character from the same designer´s hand has arrived.

The Norm12, named after the year 2012 when the lamp was designed, is a self assembly lamp with a round and welcoming feel. It spreads a mild and diffused anti-dazzle light, which is dispersed through the lamp´s rounded silhouette. Nature and flowers have been a constant source of inspiration for Simon Karkovs designs and the resemblance to a flower can clearly be seen when looking at the Norm 12 lamps curved, leaf-like components. The lamp has a soft shape with an organic feel to it.

The Norm 12 is available in two sizes, which are finished in pure and simple matt white, and fits in well with most homes and tastes in styles. The large version is perfect for hallways or in the bedroom while the small lamp emits a comfortable light for the dining room table.

Diameter500 mm / 600 mm
Emission classA++ - E
Stand/ mountingwith pendant hanging
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Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Simon Karkov

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