Norm 03

Norm 03
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Product description

Norm 03 is a modern lamp shade kit in 39 pcs. It is designed with organic and simple principles in mind. When lit, Norm 03 provides a sculptural light effect on your wall. The Norm 03 lamp shade originally took shape in Britt Kornum's hands and was hung above her dining table. After much encouragement from her friends and acquaintances, Britt eventually contacted Normann Copenhagen. Normann Copenhagen fell for the shade straight away, thanks to its organic and very alive-looking form. When the lamp is turned on, it casts a shadow on the ceiling that reinforces the 'alive' impression. Two long foil strips fold in and out of each other in a snake-like pattern, creating, in their own way, order
from chaos. Britt Kornum Norm 03 kindles refresh memories of the sixties, and that story attracted Normann Copenhagen. Norm 03 is a self-assembled product that is easy and straightforward to use. No tools or glue required. Norm 03 is supplied in a flat pack without a socket or electrical parts, so it is compatible with any electrical standards around the world.

Width530 mm / 650 mm
Height320 mm / 400 mm
Emission classA++ - E
Stand/ mountingwith pendant hanging
Diffuser/reflector shapeoval
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