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Product description

A simple and stylish design made of silicone. The German design trio Ding3000 has created an innovatively designed nutcracker for Normann Copenhagen. Nutcracker has a comfortable grip and is easy to use. Nutcracker folds back to its original position once the nut has been cracked. Nutcracker is a redesign of the traditional nutcracker. The idea came from annoying pains in the fingers when Ding3000 were cracking nuts. Nutcracker is easy to find in the kitchen drawer, and with its graphic silhouette and classic colours it is a remarkable take on this classic everyday object. Ding3000 explain: "Our intention was to create a product that one feels like holding. Nutcracker is surprising in its design because its function is not immediately apparent. By examining the design one finds out just how user-friendly Nutcracker is. Nutcracker is unique and a 'must-have'.” The innovative and stylish Nutcracker received a Design Plus Award 2014 for its original design.

Length192 mm
Width77 mm
Diameter20 mm
shades of red

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Rudolph Schelling Webermann