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Product description

Petal is a calm and simply designed table lamp by the Swiss designer Jörg Boner. The idea was to design a table lamp made of metal with the light bulb hidden. At the same time the lamp takes advantage of the reflections of light to create a cosy atmosphere of comfortable lighting. The table lamp is available in a discrete shade light shade of light grey, which supports the room’s décor without disturbing its balance.

The lamp was originally designed as a 75th anniversary gift to the clients of a Swiss company producing metal fittings and lamps. The task involved the selection of sheet metal for the material and utilising the company's production expertise in the design. The particular choice of material is elementary for the shape of the design. The lamp stood hidden away for one year on a shelf in Jörg Boners design studio. It was when he contacted Normann Copenhagen that the lamp was first put into production.

Jörg Boner says: "Petal was designed as a present. The reference point for the final mode of expression is in the choice of material. Light cannot shine through sheet metal, as it isn't transparent. Instead I utilized the reflection of light on the material for the design. I wanted a table lamp that would emit the optimal amount of light by using the minimal amount of material."

Width277 mm
Height265 mm

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Jörg Boner