Pizza Wheel

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Product description

The Italian designer Alessandro Busana has designed a multi-functional pizza wheel, with a built-in bottle opener in the handle for Normann Copenhagen. The Pizza Wheel is a smart and space-saving kitchen utensil. It's ideal for frequent, everyday use and is a decorative addition to the dining table. Alessandro Busana's designs are often characterised by their rounded style and friendly mode of expression and the Pizza Wheel is no exception. The durable stainless steel blade and practical handle of plastic make the Pizza Wheel intuitive to use and dishwasherfriendly. Alessandro Busana drew his inspiration for the Pizza Wheel from the dining table. For him, this is an almost magical place where you can sit down with family or friends to discuss the events of the day over a relaxing dinner. Alessandro Busana explains: ”Maybe it's because I'm Italian, but when I think of an informal dinner with friends or family, a pizza with a cold beer or soft drink are almost a ritual. This observation quickly led me to the idea of having a bottle opener and cutting function in one and the same product. This means that you only have to remember to take one item with you to the dining table. This practical aspect is one of the reasons I really like to design objects that are multi-functional.” The Pizza Wheel is available in classic black, grey and sand as well as three appetising colours drawn from the pizza world; a red inspired by tomatoes and bell peppers, an aubergine colour and a dark green reminiscent of oregano and spinach. Whether you serve your own, delicious homemade pizza creations or you order directly from your local pizzeria on the corner, the Pizza Wheel is an obvious companion at the dining table.

Width75 mm
Height180 mm
shades of red
shades of violet
shades of green
shades of grey

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Alessandro Busana