Presented:Salone del Mobile 2014, Milan
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Product description

With Pocket, the Danish designer Simon Legald has created a versatile and decorative storage solution for Normann Copenhagen. The simple, rounded silhouette of Pocket gives it a friendly and welcoming feel and it is suitable for any part of your home where extra storage space is needed.

Inspired by a bulging shirt pocket, Simon Legald has designed Pocket so that it curves outwards. The flat opening at the top and the rounded bottom completes this reference. Pocket is mounted on the wall with a sliding bracket, making it easy to lift off and clean. Pocket is available in four different sizes and is useful for countless purposes ranging from a magazine holder to the storage of pencils, make-up, kitchen utensils, plants and lots more.

Simon Legald says: ”My aim was to make a flexible wall-mounted storage solution for all of the smaller items that you never know where to put. By using the walls you can make the most of the space you have available. The different sizes of Pocket mean that it can easily be adapted to suit individual needs. It will work in homes with both a little and lot of space."

A choice of six different colours provides plenty opportunity for combining the Pocket Organizers to fit exactly with your taste and decor. For example, you can hang a row of white Pockets on a white wall in the hallway for a uniform and calming feel, use dark green and black as a sophisticated contrast to a light wall in the bedroom or living room or create your own creative and colourful patterns by mixing colours and sizes.

Length160 mm / 130 mm / 100 mm / 280 mm
Height80 mm / 100 mm / 140 mm / 190 mm
Depth73 mm / 54 mm / 73 mm / 88 mm
shades of yellow
shades of orange
shades of green
shades of grey

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Simon Legald