Product description

The British designer Kirsty Whyte has created a distinctive coat hook with an integrated mirror for Normann
Copenhagen. With its organic feel and accommodating expression, Ready is a decorative home accessory even when it is not in use. Simple, practical and playful - That's the essence of Ready.

The combination of coat hook and mirror in one object makes it quick and easy to grab your coat and check your appearance when you’re in a hurry to get out of the door. The rounded, voluminous shape of the coat hook is also specially designed to protect the collar of your coat.

Kirsty Whyte says: ”The coat hook emerged one evening when I was playing around with some cardboard strips trying to find a shape that would look attractive on the wall as well as being practical. I love to design simple items that have several functions and Ready is a great example of this.”

The Ready is available in six colorful variations and is a perfect way of adding color and character to the hallway or bedroom. Blue and grey coat hooks can be combined for a peaceful, masculine look. You can also cause a stir by filling up a wall with Ready coat hooks in pink and red.

Diameter200 mm
mirror glass
shades of grey
shades of blue
shades of green
shades of red

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Kirsty Whyte