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Product description

Flexibility and functionality are the essence of this shoehorn. Designer Nis Øllgaard has worked on its design in great depth to enable both function and form to work together. The unique function of the shoehorn is the slim, flexible yet robust tip, which adjusts to the foot and shoe. The thickness and shape of the handle are designed to fit in the hand and create a natural, userfriendly experience. The magnetic mounting fixture included makes it easy to hang the shoehorn on the wall.

Normann Copenhagen presents yet another well thought out product design. By using an innovative solution, this shoehorn produces a different take on a traditional product. The shoehorn is available in four, beautiful and decorative, colors.

Nis Øllgaard says: "A shoehorn is an everyday product which should afford one daily pleasure. Apart from the special function of its flexible point the shoehorn is designed to be part of the hall décor by way of its magnetic mounting fixture.”

In 2011, the shoehorn was selected for exhibition at The Biennale (craft and design exhibition) in Kolding, Denmark. The shoehorn was also a part of CC15, the Danish Crafts Collections section for prototypes in 2011.

Length713 mm
Width42 mm
Depth35 mm
shades of violet
shades of blue
shades of green

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Nis Øllgaard