Product description

The Danish designer Anne Lehmann has designed a range of decorative bed linen for Normann Copenhagen. She has drawn her inspiration from various textures and pigments to create a beautiful abstract print and a light and vivid feel. Sprinkle Bed Linen is made of satin weaved cotton with a soft and smooth quality, making it incredibly comfortable to sleep in.

The motif consists simply of a spot that is repeated in different sizes in casual yet ordered manner. This creates sensuous wavy lines between the two complimentary background colours. The soft, organic character of the print makes Sprinkle both welcoming and pleasing to the eye.

The Sprinkle Bed Linen is available in four stunning colour combinations. You can choose from classic grey or frosty white for a discrete yet strong visual expression. The dusty sea green is contrasted by a gentle nude adding an understated injection, whilst the blue is both bold and eye-catching with its accent of fresh pink. The varied selection of subdued, calm tones and the more contrasting, playful colour combinations provide ample opportunity to add a sprinkle of casual elegance to the bedroom. The Sprinkle series is also available as a quilt in six different colours.

shades of blue
shades of green
shades of grey

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Anne Lehmann

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