Stakit mobile back rest

  • Stakit mobile back rest
  • Stakit mobile back rest
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Product description

Togetherness, the outdoor life and mobility form the essence behind Stakit - part of Normann Copenhagen's New Danish Modern collection. Stakit has been designed by Thomas Bentzen and Peter Johansen, and is a mobile chair for outdoor use - created for design lovers. The idea behind Stakit was to create a Danish expression. Stakit, which is Danish for fence, is inspired by the picture of a typical Danish cottage garden with flagpole, garden and picket fence. In contrast with the function of a fence, which is something that divides, Stakit is meant as something that brings people together. Stakit has a humorous aspect and is a familiar symbol that has been made mobile and into something else - a completely different piece of outdoor furniture. Thomas Bentzen explains: "Stakit is a chair and not something that limits you. It is an invitation to sit in the park, on the grass, in the sand, wherever is best for you. Stakit is not divisive, but a place to gather around, because its better to all be on the same side than to sit on your own. Stakit allows you to decide where you hang out." Take Stakit under your arm and sit where you want in your garden, on the beach or on your allotment.

Width470 mm
Height470 mm
Depth470 mm

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Thomas Bentzen

Peter Johansen