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Different kinds of decor require different types of tables. This is why Normann Copenhagen is introducing Stay, a range of small, multifunctional tables available in two sizes that are easy to use in your home in numerous different ways. The leaves, stones and plants of nature itself inspired the shape and colours of Stay. The round and soft shapes of the table are a fine contrast to the flat and hard steel, giving Stay both an organic and industrial look. The practical, built-in shelf is perfect for storing magazines, books, design objects or toys. You can use Stay as a coffee table, a bedside table or as a little sideboard in the office. Freshen up the atmosphere in your home by experimenting with new colour shades in a cool stone grey, a subdued green or a deep burgundy.

Width520 mm
Height400 mm
Depth400 mm
Table top shapesquare with rounded corners
Colorsshades of blue
shades of green
shades of grey
shades of beige
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Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Jonas Wagell

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