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Product description

A substitute to the classic flowerpot is here - it is called Storm. The flowerpot Storm is about a designer who creates a new and extremely functional product inspired by a problem. Julie Storm has designed an unusual and beautiful flowerpot which fits the Normann Copenhagen product universe in a perfect way. Julie Storm explains:"To be frank I don't think that the normal flowerpots function well enough. Too often you can't help adding too much water only to see a flood of water on the windowsill or on the table. The flowerpot Storm is designed to solve this problem and I believe its design makes the flower fit the flowerpot in a strong, visual and sophisticated way. When you carefully select a beautiful flower for your home it deserves a beautiful flowerpot. Storm is functional and aesthetic at the same time". Through creative thinking Julie Storm has designed a worthy substitute to the classic flowerpot and solved a well known problem. Storm is available in two different sizes and colours. Storm is functional design that challenges our expectations and habits. The design is simple and eye catching in a sophisticated way. Flowerpot and flower become one with Storm - functional and aesthetic at the same time.

Diameter170 mm / 210 mm

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Britt Bonnesen